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Hindi 60 Min | First Staged In 2018

With changing regimes, the power to govern changes hands; and what, veritably, remains unshaken in a society is the conception of the oppressor and the oppressed. Actor Factor’s UNREST includes short plays that take an incisive view of the relationship that exists between the two; and delves deeper into it by unknotting the layers of the troubled human psyche. While, the first play is a stage adaptation of a chapter from C. Harris’s book– A Lady’s Diary During The Siege Of Lucknow’, where she narrates the nineteen-month long horrors of the siege, and how mercilessly defenceless women, children and ageing parents of the Britishers were massacred by the Indian rebels; the second is Samuel Beckett’s Catastrophe. Viewed as an allegory on the power of totalitarianism and the struggle to oppose it, the play presents a scene where an autocratic Director and his female Assistant put the final touches to the last scene of a dramatic presentation which consists entirely of a ‘Man’ standing still onstage. UNREST, in essence, argues that the oppressor too, much like the oppressed who are bereft of freedom, needs to be liberated as they are the prisioners of hatred. The oppressed and the oppressor are both robbed of their humanity.



Assistant One – Nitesh Tiwari

Assistant Two – Siddharth Tiwari

Protagonist – Vishwajeet Rao

Director's Assistant – Gayatri Iyer

Director – Sunit Sinha

A Lady’s Diary During The Siege Of Lucknow

Rebel Indian Soldier – Raju Singh

English Woman – Gayatri Iyer

Rebel – Siddharth Tiwari

Bull-1, Commoner-1 – Nitesh Tiwari

Bull-2, Commoner-2 – Prashant Sharma


Lights Design – Arnab Das

Sound Design & Music – Shashwat Srivastava

Sound Operation – Ashish Abraham

Communication Design – Shashwat Srivastava

Production – K Suresh, Akash Hingorani, Ashish Abraham

Design & Direction By – Shashwat Srivastava



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