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Sunit Sinha's


English 90 Min | First Staged In 2009

A repertoire of 3 concept comedies woven into a single performance.


The Circus

It is a story of two clowns at a circus called life. One clown is in search of his life’s purpose, while the other is traumatized by the fact that his partner is fast losing interest in their everyday on-stage antics. As the story unfolds, the former stumbles upon a great truth that lends heightened comic moments, along with deeper perspective of life, to the play.


That Makes Two of Us

It is a story of two aliens from two separate worlds. They meet in transition and come together on a journey to find a better world. The action in the play takes place under a 20x20 feet long piece of fabric with tiny circular windows. Highly experimental in form, and the content which is abstract in nature, this play can be considered a ‘concept’ play in the truest sense of the word.


The Masked Man

It is a story of a man who is essentially ‘Good’ but out of greed for more joins the forces of the Evil. One fine evening, he meets a young man who is a staunch follower of the archetypal Good. They get into an argument which eventually turns violent, as well as funny. This play is a dialogue between two distinct voices, enunciating valid but arguable points of view.


The Circus

Adie – Adesh Sidhu/Rahul Chandra
Sura – K Suresh


That Makes Two of Us

Ulia – Isha Sharma
Eanu – Tushar Sharma


The Masked Man

Officer – Sunit Sinha
Ram – Tushar Dhaundiyal
Johnny – Adesh Sidhu


Music – Shashwat Srivastava
Make up – Sanghamitra Chakraborty
Costume – Vaishali Chakravarty
Lights – Arnab Das
Production – Ravish & Sukant Suman
Communication Design – Sarbajit Sarbajna
Script – Sunit Sinha
Design & Direction – Shelli Koffman (New York, USA)



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