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Established in December 2006, Actor Factor Theatre Company is one of the foremost theatre groups in India. It is a space for independent artists who have chosen Theatre Arts as a medium to communicate. Like all artists, we are fired by the vision of change, and thus, constantly strive to explore and create original work of performance art that speaks the language of our times.

Actor Factor is a 'private' theatre laboratory, where individual artists from various disciplines come together to form a collective intellectual force. They, thus, collaborate to hone their individual tools, explore and experiment in their single-minded effort to discover newer means to enrich the performer-audience relationship. Our intent has been to maximise Theatre's potential reach, and to demystify the art form for the common people.

Actor Factor Theatre Company is a part of 'The Actor Factor Theatre Society', registered (S/59635/2007) under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

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